unifies the poetry of Yeghishe Charents,

the music of Marine Manasian and the spirit of Armenia


album "1303"

Marine Manasian has come up with her signature sound in which the traditional eastern feel and the Armenian language merge with the contemporary western electronic sound. She is able to maintain a fine balance when mixing and matching elements from different cultures. Following her debut Armenian album “AREVI VOSKI”, Marine will release the album “1303”, written entirely to verses of the Armenian poet Yeghishe Charents.

Yeghishe Charents is one of Armenia’s major poets of the 20th century.

Marine has chosen his poems because his works convey a special melodiousness, tenderness, metaphor, depth of imagery - a huge sensual world.

idea 1303

Vahanavanq, Х century, Kapan, Armenia.
For thousands of years Armenia has been shaping and creating a culture - a sacred, profound culture that paves the way to beauty, authenticity, love and peace. It is a legacy for humanity. There are names in Armenian history that deserve to be known to the world. Spirited and in love with their sacred land, people have created and are still creating masterpieces that are enclosed in a small space in Armenia. And this is a gift to be shared!
Marine Manasian is working on a music album entitled “1303”, which is based entirely on verses of Yeghishe Charents.
The album will be presented on 13 March 2023, the poet's and Marine's birthday.
The album will be followed by a short film that will be at the Vorotnavank Monastery, a documentary in which will intervene the 10 regions of Armenia, the color of Armenian life. There will also be videos of songs from the album filmed in six churches in different parts of Armenia (Kobayr - Lori, Sanahin - Lori, Marmashen - Gyumri, Yererouk - Shirak, Matosavank - Tavush, Teghenyats Vank - Kotayk) performed by the Armenian State Chamber Choir.

film 1303

There are no stories in this story. There is only the representation of Armenia by images.

Through cinematographic and musical art, we want open Armenian culture to people, explain its values and immerse them in its beauty and authenticity.

We want to show in the film the 14th century monastery of Vorotnavank in Syunik and Mount Ararat, which as a natural temple and heart of all Armenians is praised in the poem "Es im anush Hayastani" (“I Love My Sweet Armenia's...”) by Yeghishe Charents.

Therefore, we are going to make a short film which will present the poems of Yeghishe Charents as dialogues between actors and will be followed by piano music from the "1303" album written to his poems.

The film “1303” has no plot - it is an improvisational game of actors who will read Yeghishe Charents' poems in dialogue, communicating with each other and creating nerve and movement through their emotions and intonations. All 13 poems are chosen by Marine and are also included in the “1303” album. The order of the works is respected in both the album and the film.

The film’s sole purpose is to introduce Yeghishe Charents to a wider audience and to Armenia through symbols, images, actors’ emotions, music and locations.

Where the film will be shown?

A private presentation of the film will take place in Yerevan at the concert hall, prior to the concert presentation of the “1303” album.

We have developed a programme to promote the film to a wider audience. We are planning to participate in international film festivals in the categories Best Film, Direction, Cinematography and Soundtrack.

We are also planning to show the film on social media, on the websites of public and cultural organisations both in Armenia and abroad. We will attract the attention of well-known bloggers and influencers to show and discuss the film on their channels.

soul of Armenia's villages

Kapan, Armenia.
This part of the project encompasses 10 regions of Armenia. We are going to visit 13 villages and make a documentary with locals singing 13 songs from the “1303” album. In this way, the film will present the Armenian colors of the villages of the 10 regions, the poetry of Charents and, most importantly, the essence of the Armenian people through simple and talented people endowed with human qualities - kindness, hospitality and a sincere attitude towards each other.


The 'Churches and Choirs' section will feature videos of songs from the album filmed in six churches in different parts of Armenia (Kobayr - Lori, Sanahin - Lori, Marmashen - Gyumri, Yererouk - Shirak, Matosavank - Tavush, Teghenats Vank - Kotayk) performed by the Armenian State Chamber Choir. Through spiritual singing, the audience will be introduced to churches that preserve thousands of years of Armenian history.

piano album

Sunik, Armenia.
Grigor Evanisyan and Karen Gasparyan, both well-known classical jazz pianists, will play songs from the 1303 album on the piano. Recording and mixing will be done at Oberton Studio in Yerevan.

live in the MOUNTAINs

The mountains of Armenia will be the first to hear songs from the “1303” album.